Transparent & legitimate ecosystem connecting ico creators, influencers and investors.
Number one place where you can find reliable information on world's best ICOs based on cryptocurrency community recommendations and their own investments.

Magico media platform gives you the easiest access to best ICO proposals on the market.
ICO creators
access to real influencers
higher spending efficiency reduced time to market
full automation of influencer's partnership process (based on smart contract)
ICO influencers
easy, intuitive tool to pick the coolest ICO to promote
knowledge exchange hub
instant Ethereum reward and transparent rules
ICO investors
access to transparent offerings (based on smart contract and data)
eliminate risk associated with untrusted source of information
individually Magico selected ICOs (hand-picked)
ICO creators join the platform
Influencers decide which ICO they want to support
Invest and gain value thanks true recommendations

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